About The Coetmor Mill Trust

A mill has stood on this site for 300 years. The Coetmor Mill Trust runs the Mill you find today since 2017.

Aims of the Coetmor Mill Trust

The aim of the Coetmor Mill Trust is to provide bunk house accommodation for youth groups such as Scouts, university societies, climbing clubs and similar groups to enable them to take part in adventurous activities in Snowdonia/Eyri, North Wales

We were established as a registered charity in 2017 with charity number 1172211.

Ongoing improvements to Coetmor Mill

Since taking over, we have embarked on an ongoing programme of improvements.

Some highlights include new central heating, new car park, double glazing, new dining and kitchen furniture and complete electrical rewiring.

Ongoing support the Coetmor Mill Trust

Through your ongoing support, we can continue to improve our facilities and provide our target audience with the best experience possible when staying at the Mill.

We are always seeking more help, whether it is donations or offers of man power and run several working parties each year.

If you are interested in helping or donating please get in touch

Coetmor Mill Trustees

Mugshot of Bruce, Coetmor Mill Trustee

Bruce McFarlane

Joint Chairman

Mugshot of John, Coetmor Mill Trustee

John Henson

Joint Chairman

Mugshot of Kim, Coetmor Mill Trustee

Kim Henson


Mugshot of Pat, Coetmor Mill Trustee

Patricia Hall


Mugshot of Christine, Coetmor Mill Trustee

Christine Snelling-Nash


Mugshot of Andy, Coetmor Mill Trustee

Andrew Rice

Coopted Trustee

Mugshot of David, Coetmor Mill Trustee

David Cox

Coopted Trustee